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Cannot get a clean re-install.  Win7-64 and SW2009

Question asked by Dougal Hiscock on Aug 18, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by Dougal Hiscock

I should start by saying that I know these two were never made to work together.  SW2009-64 was conceived in the days when Vista was being thrust upon us and win7 was rolled out after 2009 was finished.


But anyway, here is the story.

New computer arrived, SW2009 installed and working on 29 day trial.  All good.  But the directories weren't where I wanted them etc.

After messing with Win7 for a while (and corrupting a user profile which took out windows activation and the SW trial period) I decided to run a clean reinstall.

On the clean install SW shows no trial period remaining and requires immediate activation.  Due to the HUL saga I don't have a spare license to activate so this isn't ideal.  I'd much prefer to use the 29 day trial to ensure this setup is usable before committing to it.


I figured Win7 had simply reinstalled and kept some old directories or keys from previous install.

So I format the C drive, install Win7, drivers, office and SW. 

Same deal, no 29 day trial, SW requires immediate activation.


Now I run a linux disc, format the C drive with that, format the C drive again with Win7, reinstall while keeping the machine off all networks (no internet etc).

Installing just win7 and then SW2009 it again tells me the trial period has expired and SW requires immediate activation.


So what can possibly be going wrong here?  How can a SW install DVD on a fresh win7 install which is divorced from all networks think SW has already blown through it's trial period?

There are three other partitions on this HDD.  Two are dell recovery and the last is the D drive.  Is it possible windows or SW is accessing something hidden on the D-drive?


My next step is to clean format the D drive as well as C and run another minimal install for testing.  This is getting old.  Does anyone have a better idea?