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Radical change in Part Configuration Grouping options

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Dwight Livingston

Prior versions of SW allowed us to group (as one item in a BOM) just those configurations that share a common $partnumber value. We used this option.


SW2011sp4 does not allow this. Instead, it offers to group configurations that share a common configuration name. This requires that the configurations reside in different files. I don't why this might be useful, but it is not what we need.


Though the grouping of common $partnumber components is an important function for us, we don't have to use it very often. Also, our draftsmen usually don't complain to me when they have problems. They complain to their project managers, who tell them to hack the drawing BOM. So I only just learned of this problem.


When did this problem start? Is it fixed? Any work around?