Toolbox parts and PDMWorks

Discussion created by Guest on Jun 1, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2008 by Anna Wood
I work for a consulting company that has many different clients. Each client has different part numbering schemes and require different parameters for their BOM's. We are trying to use Toolbox parts for fasteners. However, when we modify the parts to add different part numbers and parameters, then check the assemblies into PDMWorks, the custom data is lost for another user that wants to check those assemblies out. We currently have the PDMWorks option to check in library parts disabled (most likely part of the problem). If we enable this option, the toolbox parts will check in, but what happens when another user checks out the assembly. Will they get the PDMWorks toolbox parts, or toolbox parts from their own drive? Do we need to rename the toolbox parts? Would it be better to have a shared toolbox that has different configurations for different clients, or a shared toolbox that has different parts for different clients?