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    Server Setup for Automated Task, anyone?

    Adrian Velazquez

      We currently have a designated Workstation where we send all our Tasks, from all User. We're looking into adding more I think I would be a good idea to free-up that Desktop Workstation and setup a Server or Rack-Workstation, Is anyone doing this or has a similar environment? we went with a Worstation for the following Reasons:


      -Admins need to access it (not just IT) for troubleshooting//testing/maintainance.

      -Need to have SW Installed.

      -Needs to have EPDM Client istalled.

      -Need to run Win7 not Windows Server (because of the previuos two).

      -Needs a really Fast Processor for SW not for typical server actions. (Not sure what's the best pick knowadays).


      Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks.

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          Tim Read

          We run our tasks on a server (virtual machine) because it does not need to be a workstation...


          SW will install on Windows Server

          EPDM Client will install on Windows Server

          Tasks generally do not need a really fast processor or graphics card because there is no user sitting behind the keyboard waiting for things to happen.

          It needs to be always on and accessable - remote desktop with multiple users.



          Thats why we use a virtual server...

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              Adrian Velazquez

              Tim thanks for the reply,


              We have Detaching and Printing of very large drawings so we do required a fast processor, we originally had the same setup as yours but it was just not cutting it (performance). We had to do it on a Windows 7 system because our IT Dept. just would not let us remote to that Virtual Server.


              I want to go back to that setup, but have it be an independent server just dedicated to our tasks (be plan to add lots more in the future) that has the best hardware for SW to run the tasks as fast as possible. IT won't have a problem with us remoting into that so running it on Windows Server would be that much of a deal.


              I just have little clue on how to spec Server hardware for this.

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              Craig Lalumiere



              What did you end up using? We are at the same stage here where we can make the choice of a VM or a desgnated Workstation for PDF/Print tasks.


              We do have larger Drawings and can definitely tell when a PDF is created on a 6 gig machine or an 8 gig machine.


              Currently the task PC is my PC, and it can become a big anoyence.