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Server Setup for Automated Task, anyone?

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by Adrian Velazquez

We currently have a designated Workstation where we send all our Tasks, from all User. We're looking into adding more I think I would be a good idea to free-up that Desktop Workstation and setup a Server or Rack-Workstation, Is anyone doing this or has a similar environment? we went with a Worstation for the following Reasons:


-Admins need to access it (not just IT) for troubleshooting//testing/maintainance.

-Need to have SW Installed.

-Needs to have EPDM Client istalled.

-Need to run Win7 not Windows Server (because of the previuos two).

-Needs a really Fast Processor for SW not for typical server actions. (Not sure what's the best pick knowadays).


Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks.