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Assembly parts now showing in graphics window

Question asked by Todd Barnett on Aug 16, 2012

I have an assembly file that is not showing the parts in the graphics window.  It seems like all the data is loading (for example, if I do a CTRL+Q, then F, then RMB click on the graphics window, I get the same drop-down menu as I would if I was RMB clicking on an a part that I would see.  If I open the part, via this menu, it opens just fine.).  If I open the drawing, then it opens with no problems.  If I open any of the sub-assemblies, from this assembly, they also open with no problems.


I have seen other posts in various areas of the forum, but have not see any suggestions that have resulted in a fix.


List of stuff that I have tried:



2. Zoom (all, fit, in & out, etc...)

3. Large Assembly Mode

4. RMB click on top feature in feature manager tree, then Hide Components/Show Components

5. both "save-as" and "save-as copy"

6. Hiding/showing one part at a time

7. Suppressing/Unsuppressing one part at a time

8. Suppressing/Unsuppressing all parts

9. Changing Display states

10. Verification on rebuild

11. Taking a section view

12. Opening the assembly on another computer

13. Searching the forum for similar problems/solutions

14. Google



Lenovo W701ds / Windows 7 Pro - 64-bit / 16 MB RAM / NVidia Quadro FX 2800M 4 MB

Solidworks 2012 SP 4.0


I plan on rebuilding the assembly after posting this, but would still be interested in response to this post in case this happens again.


Any help would be appreciated: