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Trouble with setting the Workgroup PDM on Windows 7

Question asked by Krzysztof Grzeslak on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by Krzysztof Grzeslak

Hello Everyone!


For last couple of years I was working on SW2008 installed on Windows XP with PDMW installed on the local machine (I used it only as revision control of the drawings).

Everything worked great, but now I moved to SW2012 and Windows 7. Everything is installed correctly, the PDM server service is up running, but when I'm trying to run the VaultAdmin or SW explorer, there is no response (programs run only as process in task manager, but no actual program is working. Also If try to open one of the program one more time, the process just duplicate).


When activating the PDM addon inside SW, the program also crashes. I'm getting desperate because I have most of my files in the vault and I cannot run it by any means.

Has Anybody meet with this problem before and could provide me with some help?


Many thanks in advance!


Best regards