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    Srikanth Dugyalla

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      Custom Tasks in EPDM can be setup to execute on a schedule.



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          Joy Garon

          Hello Srikanth,


          The 'out-of-the-box' task add-in provided with EPDM does not make use of the scheduling functionality.

          The Task framework is designed so that 'custom' task add-ins can be created (via the API).


          Below is the section from the EPDM Programmer's Reference Guide on Tasks: (right-click on the Add-ins node in the Administration tool)


          Programming Tasks

          In Enterprise 2009 and earlier, it was only possible to execute add-ins on your own client machine. A change state hook would call the add-in on the machine where the change state command was run. A menu command would execute the add-in on the computer where the menu command was selected. Although this is often what you want, there are also cases when you would like to execute an add-in on a different machine. This is possible in Enterprise 2010 through the introduction of tasks.

          A task is an add-in and a collection of meta-data associated with that add-in. The meta data consist of:

          • Information about which add-in to execute  
          • Information about card (if any) to show when the task is launched  
          • Information about which user credentials should be used to execute the add-in  
          • Information about which computer(s) to execute the add-in on  
          • Information about optional scheduling of the add-in  
          • Information about who should have permission to run the add-in  
          • Information about error and success notifications  
          • Add-in defined data

            You can read more about the task execution system in Enterprise's main help file.

          The basic steps you need to take to create your own task is to:

          • Write an add-in DLL supporting task execution  
          • Add the add-in to the vault using the administration tool  
          • Enable execution of the add-in on one or more servers by selecting the Task Host Configuration command from the right-click menu on the Enterprise icon in the task bar navigation area (a.k.a. "system tray")  
          • Right-click on the tasks node in the administration program and select New Task from the menu  
          • Select your add-in in the task wizard  
          • Select other options in the task wizard including putting a checkmark on the server computers where you want the task to run

          The task definition is now ready to be executed in one of the following ways:

          • A task definition that has been set up with a schedule has a timer icon. The definition will spawn task instances according to the schedule you have defined.  
          • You can create a workflow change state action to execute the task.  
          • You can execute the task directly from the task list window in the administration tool by pressing the Add Task button.  
          • You can have your task add-in adding a menu command so it can be launched from the context menu in the file vault view.


          Using the Standard Add-in
          You don't need to write your own add-in if the only thing you want your task to do is to open files in SolidWorks and execute scripts on them. Then it is enough to create a new task using the standard task add-in that is shipped with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.


          Code Samples
          Complete task add-in sample





          Structures and Constants