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Uploading Current files and assemblies into a new vault

Question asked by Doug Johnson on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by Jacob Kralovic

We have a large number of Solidworks models and assemblies drawings in a network folder.

Now since the company has been aquired we have implemented EPDM.

The files which are in the network location, approximatly 5000, all have a revision after the part number.

ex: A5011-G

Is there a easy method to:

- put these files into the vault

- remove the revision off the file name

- update the file revisions to the current released drawing revision

- maintain references?


I realize all of these things cannot be accomplished at once, removing the revision off the file name and updating the files (model and/or assembly and drawing) to the correct drawing revision are the two things that are important at this point.


I have created a quick workflow to update the file revisions to match the drawing revision although each file has to be manually updated a number of times to get the correct revision after the name has been changed.


Then after using this workflow can I get the files into the standard CAD workflow while maintaining the updates?


The reason for the new workflow is the standard CAD workflow requires more actions to update each revision.


This appears to be a long project so any help is appreciated.


Thanks in advance