Julie Napolitan

How do you customize SolidWorks?

Discussion created by Julie Napolitan on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Richard Wehmeyer

Do you customize the SolidWorks UI to increase productivity?  We'd like to collect some information on how our users customize the UI.  This is purely a research project, but we also welcome suggestions for improving the customization process.


How do you arrange toolbars and customize the interface to increase productivity?  Do you use mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, the S key?  Do you only populate the CommandManager with commands you use frequently?


If possible, please send your SolidWorks settings file to julie.napolitan@3ds.com.

(extension .sldreg; see below for further instructions on how to access this file).


If you have time to include a brief summary of how you use SolidWorks that information would be appreciated!

How many hours per week do you use SolidWorks?

What types of parts do you mainly work on--part, assemblies, drawings?

What type of modeling do you mainly do--sheetmetal, surfacing, prismatic parts?


You can extract your SW settings using the Copy Settings Wizard: