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Creating & understanding logos, decals, photoworks...

Question asked by Doug Whitted on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Fraser Port

I have a few questions pertianing to "Photoworks" & "Decals/Logos". I'm attempting to insert our company logo & decals for our machines onto the 3d model, but do not appear to be having much luck. I'm sure that it's just a error or overlooking factor on my behalf, because I'm sure it's not that difficult? I've researched this through the forums but so far I've had no luck, so here are my questions...


1) It's my understanding that the image/decal/logo files will be a p2d file, not jpeg, bmp, tiff?

2) The company I'm w/ is using SolidWorks Premium 2012, which is what shows under "About SolidWorks" ...But I do not see "Photoworks" in the "add-ins" section? Now, I was just told that we only have 1 premium license, but about 6 seats?