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    Variable Mapping Troubleshoot

    Alper Kuney



      sometimes i'm getting into trouble with excel variable mapping with the data card. although i'm made the right linking inside the excel, when i change the value from the variable on the data card and open the excel file and look to the properties, link inside the excel is broken...

      why is that link broken?

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          Tor Iveroth

          Hi Alper - if this is a date type variable and the data card field is a normal edit box, updating the date via the card will likely break the link in excel.  Try changing it to a date picker instead.


          If the date picker worked, then it is a known issue logged as SPR 622903. Open a support ticket with tech support and reference the SPR. If its a different problem I would still suggest that you open a support ticket to get this problem corrected.


          Regards Tor, EPDM tech support.