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Xeon E5-16xx vs E5-26xx Processor for new workstation

Question asked by Eric Ryan on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by Anna Wood

I am working on specs for a new workstation and wanted to get some insights on processor differences.  I have read through the discussions on system recommendations and think I have a pretty good understanding of what I need for most of all the components.  However, I have a hard time keeping track of all the processor variations and could use some reassurance I am on the right track.


I am looking at going with a HP Z620 with a  Xeon E5-1650 processor (3.2Ghz, 12MB, 1600, 6 Core).  I do a bit of everything in Solidworks; large assemblies, large assembly drawings, FEA on small parts, and Flow Simulation.   I am looking for something that will work well for both modeling, drawings, and Flow Simulation, so it seems I need a balance of speed and cores.  The E5-1650 seems like it might do the trick.   As I have looked at the higher end workstations, I am wondering what benefits the E5-2640 or 2643 may have over the E5-1650.  There is a huge price difference, so I would like to understand better what performance comes with it. 


Thanks for the help, and apologies if I have missed an existing discussion that may answer this question.




PS I attached an Intel comparison for reference