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    Material Specification in EPDM Setup

    Ryan Fritts

      Was wondering how others are controling their material specifications in EPDM?  Trying to define the format that we will control our material specifications in EPDM so that they are still usable by all customers of the information (Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality).   The current documents are Word doc's that are revision controlled and available on our intranet.  We would like the Material Specifications to also have material properties that are driven from the specification into the models if possible.  Thought of using the material library in SolidWorks but the libraries have all ther materials in them and don't have a good way to present all the data required by the different customers.




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          Tim Read

          Hi Ryan,


          We have our materials specified in a documents that are stored in EPDM. They are stored in a folder structure that separates Metals, Plastics, etc and then we have SQL generated lists for each folder.


          On our data cards we have a drop down list for "Material Class" --> Metals, Plastics, etc that controls the drop down list for Material (using the SQL list).


          The Material specification document at present is in a simple Workflow but it is our intention to expand the Workflow to have an "Approval" path at which time only "Approved" materials will be able to be selected from the SQL list.