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    Feedback about 3D Human Model

    Michel Holper

      Hi guys,


      My company has just completed the third version of our 3D Human Model figures for SolidWorks (see www.3dhumanmodel.com) and right now I am preparing the development of the fourth version. I think the models are some of the best you'll find out there because all of the data is based on anthropometrically validated datasets and we have a huge collection of models of various ages, genders and ethnicities.

      I'm not sure how many of you have used any of our models, but if you have I'd be very interested in getting some feedback about points you'd like to see improved in version four!


      Please drop me a line if you have any advice: info@3dhumanmodel.com.





      Anthropometric physical variation in male and female human models.jpg

      Humanetics child crash dummies CAD assembly.jpg