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Need help integrating a radar mount to a 3D body panel

Question asked by Rob Simpson on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by Ravi Teja

Hi all, I have returned to the Solidworks world after a long break to create a part for a new project.  I need to mount a radar behind a 3D car body panel surface.  I have the models for the body panel and radar.  Firstly, the correct orientation of the radar component behind the body panel must be determined.  I have created an assembly with the body panel part and radar assembly.  I would like to pivot the radar from a fixed point on it's face to find the optimum x,y,z angles for it behind the body panel.  Once I have the angles, I need to create a new mount bracket/part to hold the radar.  The new part will need to bond with glue to the 3D body panel surface.  The radar will bolt to the new bracket/part after bonding to the body panel. 


So, here are the questions I know (or think I know ) to ask so far:


1)  What is the best way to reassign the coordinate system to the face of my radar and pivot it around that point?  I need to be able to pivot the part around a point that I can easily reassign the x,y,z coordinates to so I can place the point at different positions behind the body panel.  This will allow me to check how the radar beam and radar will interfere with the body panel.


2)  Once I have the position of the radar, I need to create a part that extrudes from the 3D body panel and accepts the radar bolt pattern for fastening.  What is the best method to take the projection of the radar bolt pattern against the body panel and build the bracket?


An suggestions are greatly appreciated!