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BUG: feature tree folder won't take sketch under plane

Question asked by Paul Passarelli on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by Paul Passarelli

I found another bug! (big surprise)


In the Feature Tree I have a folder called "sump sketches".  The folder contains two items sketch "F pipe shafts, pump", a plane "T` (lube line loci)".  Immediately below the folder is another sketch "T` lube line loci" drawn on the preceeding plane.


Why can't I move the sketch into the folder???


Dialog: Cannot reorder. Change would put child feature before parent feature.


The sketch has one(1) parent, the plane!  The plane has one child, the sketch.  The plane has 2 parents; the Top plane (hence T`, and the sketch above it in the folder.


I'd understand if this was not the way folders were menat to be used -- BUT -- I have other folders in the project that are doing the *EXACT SAME THING*.  This time it simply decided to stop working.


Will someone tell the fools at SolidWorks Corporate to fix these ***STUPID*** problems!!!  My Feature Tree is several pages long.  I wish to use folders to maintain some semblence of order -- that's the idea isn't it???


I realize that in the scope of bugs I usually complain about -- crashes destroying HOURS of work -- this is rather small potatoes.  But what the hell is the problem with s'ware Q-A?