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    How to save simulation results

    Bulent Kalafat

      I would like to be able to save (or export) the results of simulation studies such that when the file (saved on a network drive) is opened on another computer, the results of the simulation study are available.


      Currently, we get a message that says database is not available.

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Bulent:

          ou can do that, but it might be inadvisable if network traffic is a concern. There is a propensity for a rather voluminous amount of data that will have to be carried over the network competing with other traffic, and you may experience delays and other people complaining about slow network speed when you or someone else is loading a "CWR" results file. This concern gets heavier if you conduct transient thermal, nonlinear static or transient, or dynamic analyses that contain many solution steps that are saved to the results file (you may have hundreds of megabytes of file size, and I have generated gigabytes of file size).

          Nevertheless, you can right click on a study name in the tree, choose "Properties", and look near the bottom of the dialog box that pops-up: it should have an entry labeled "Results Folder" showing the path to the "CWR" file. There should be an ellipsis button to the right of that path, and you can press that and select a new path. Then, "OK" the dialog.
          In some cases you may have to execute a save command and close the model, then re-open the model and the software is supposed to go look in that path for the results file (extension is "CWR"). At this point, the results should become available.

          I hope that helps!