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Task Scheduler-Photoview 360-Animations-Reference File(s) Missing

Question asked by Dustin Amberg on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by Dustin Amberg

I have been using SW Task Scheduler with Photoview 360 to run batches for animations i am creating, Previously, I was able to do this no problem and it was a huge time saver.


Lately, I have not been able to schedule because when the task activates, SW will open, then immediately shut down and the error message under the status column reads "Reference File(s) Missing". This slows me down signficantly because I have to babysit the renderings and manually start them all, and cannot do this when I am away from work and my computer.


It seems to have started being an issue after I updated to SW 2012.


Does anyone know about this and have any suggestions for solutions?