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    Folders and Change State

    Laura Whittle

      How do we control the transistions that appear if an user right clicks on a folder and selects change state?


      It doesn't seem to actually move and files along in the workflow, but when a user tries to change state on a folder they see just about all of the possible transistions.


      Currently we don't have a workflow for a folder ( assuming that is possible), so there is no need to change a folder's state.




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          Jason Capriotti

          Folders don't have workflows. It's showing you all transitions in the system because a folder might contain many files in various workflow states. In order to have it only show the workflow transition relevant for the files in the folder, it would have to query all the files in the folder and determine which workflow they were in, then only show the transition available. I imagine it would be a major performance hit everytime you right clicked on a folder if they did this.

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            Ozer Mustafa Onar

            When you select Change State command on a folder, it shows all possible transitions in your workflows. But, if you select any transition it replies as "The selection doesn't contain any files". Change State command works when you select a file, or files that at same state and will go to other same state. Otherwise, it doesn't work.