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Reduced torque results in MUCH higher stress?

Question asked by Bulent Kalafat on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by Bulent Kalafat

I have been running the same simulation with two different torque values.


In the first, there two torques on different cylindrical surfaces, one 15,897 lbf-in clockwise and one 8832  lbf-in clockwise. The highest stress that results is around 92,000 psi.


In the second the torques are roughly 2/3 of the original values, but the resulting max stress is around 42 million psi!...The location of the max stress in the second study does not make any sense either. It seems to be inside the main body of the assembly, an area that should not be seeing a lot of stress in my scenario.


I have checked all the contacts, bolt connections and fixed geometries. They are identical. The mesh set up is the same.


I ran the second test a few times to eliminate the possibility of a glitch.


What could be going on?


Thanks in advance!