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PhotoWorks walkthrough lighting problems

Question asked by John Biddleston on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by Dwight Livingston

I am drawing up a shop fitting design, which is unusual for me. I usually do mechanical and design work.


I have been asked to do some rendered interior view, and also I intent to produce a video-walkthough (as a bonus) to the client.


I have uploaded a model here to share with people on this forum. The files are 2.5MB and zipped, and in SolidWorks 2012 format.




I have drawn in about 80% of the detail here, and only have some final detailing to do. However, when I put the ceiling of the building on (which is required for the final renderings), then I have lighting problems. ... which I am guessing that there is a very simple solution to?


This is a picture of the actual walkthough. The sketch highlighted is the path, and you can see two cameras. One is static, and the other moves through the shop in 'Moition Study 1' taking a look around.




1. In the main Assembly there is a "Motion Study 1" in which I have used the "Walkthrough" tool to make a persona enter and walk round the shop.


2. I have also set up a camera view (with wide angle lens), and I intend to set up more of these views internally, so that I can get some nice internal rendering.


3. The problem that I am having, is that in my rendering of the internals (which I am just testing now), it is far too dark in the shop.


As I have not used PhotoWorks for some years. It seems quite different to set up the lighting. And I have been unsuccessful in finding or selecting for that matter, a suitable method to light the shop internally. .. The rendering looks ok with the roof off (unacceptable), so I did't know if I can turn off the fact that the roof is blocking the lighting of the internal shop.


This is one of the 'Camera Views'. Show using Realview only. But this is too dark, plus, this is without the Roof on. Also, the rendering output is no good.




I did try putting a single 'point light' in there. But the results were totally unsatisfactory. The point light was visible, looked like a bright white 'orb', and made the lighting look totally off. I really need a simple method, that works, and that wont take an age to render?


I wonder if any experienced PhotoWorks users might be able to help me?


Kind regards,

John B