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    Copying an Assembly, problems with external references

    Doug Mitchell

      I am using SW 2010 and having trouble with making a copy of an assembly.  I have spent about an hour searching through the forums and come up with some ideas, but nothing that seems to work.


      I need to take an assembly of about 30 parts from one project, and copy it over for use in a completely different project.  I would love to rename all the files but I will settle for simply being able to do this copy without referencing the original parts or original assembly in any way.  Whenever I use pack and go, I still have references back to the original assembly.  In other words, if I make changes to the parts in the copied assembly, the corresponding parts in the original assembly change.


      I simply want a copy of an assembly, with all it's parts, which I can modify at will and not fear that the original assembly is being modified.


      Thank you,