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    SolidWorks 2012 icon size on a MacBook Pro with retina display

    Kai Uetrecht



      since some years I have very good experiences with SolidWorks an a MacBook Pro with Boot Camp and Windows. Now I bought a new MacBook Pro with retina display. One thing is a bigger problem than I expected: the native resolution of 2880x1800 px has the effect that the menue's icons in SolidWorks are far too small. For other software such as Office or Adobe switching the system's overall scaling to 150% or even 200% is a feasible way. In SolidWorks only the texts are scaled and the icons remain too small which means that sometimes the menues are not big enough for the text and, even worse, it is a pain for the eyes. Even using big icons does not help. Only advantage: the usually thick lines of SolidWorks sketches look fine and sharp. Changing to a not native resolution does not make much sense because everything becomes blurry.


      Does anyone know a solution? Otherwise I would have to replace it by a normal MacBook (which will be not so easy).


      Thank you!

      Kai Uetrecht