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Silent uninstall of SolidWorks 2011

Question asked by Mitch Wittneben on Aug 11, 2012



I need to do a complete uninstall of SolidWorks 2011. I found that there are three comonents installed (eDrawings, Flow & SolidWorks). I have the msiexec command for eDrawings and Flow and they have been uninstalled. It appears that there is no msiexec to uninstall SolidWorks itself. Instead the uninstaller points to:


"C:\Windows\SolidWorks\IM_20110-40400-1100-100\sldim\sldIM.exe" /remove "C:\Windows\SolidWorks\IM_20110-40400-1100-100\sldim\sldIM_installed.xml"


This always starts a GUI which expects user input. Is there a way to by-pass the GUI for a completly silent uninstall? I have 1500+ systems to uninstall so an automated method is the only option.


Thank-you in advance.