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Urgent Please: Is this a Solidworks error? velocity inlet doesn't match up with volume flow rate goal

Question asked by Diego Cassina on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Jared Conway

Hey guys...


I've been getting this error and I want to know how to get past it, it's a simple setup:


i have a hollowed pipe so a circular inlet and i've put some lids on either side:


inlet BC: 1 m/s

inlet Area: 1 m^2


you'd think this would give me a volumetric flow rate into the pipe of 1 m^3/s, but no.. see the surface goals i have below:


Goal NameUnitValueAveraged Value
SG Volume Flow Rate outlet[m^3/s]-3.987011588-3.987011588
SG Volume Flow Rate inlet[m^3/s]3.9870115883.987011588
SG Av Velocity outlet[m/s]1.0000009041.000000813
SG Av Velocity inlet[m/s]11



i've included the part and a zipped folder containing the flow results to upload.



Can someone please help me out? I need to validate this model by tomorrow


p.s. - This was done in SW2012 if that matters