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    SW 2012-2013 network vs. standalone licensing

    Mike Motherway

      Hi, I recently installed Solidworks Premium Education Edition 2012-2013 networked in a lab and 1 standalone on teacher laptop.


      The differences I see are:


      2D Editor for DWG is on Network, not standalone

      Solidworks Standard is on Network, not standalone

      Solidworks Flow Simulation is on Network, will expire in 30 days on standalone.



      I'm looking to understand any differences as I'll be using the standalone for teaching/demonstrations.

      I've confirmed license codes are accurate. When I look at description of what's included, I don't see network vs. standalone having a different description.


      Is this standard that the 2 installations have different licensing setups?


      How can I make them the same?  How can I activate Flow Simulation?

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          Lenny Bucholz

          they are the same, did you get a serial number for flow that maybe you didn't type in?


          or maybe you didn't select the correct circle for SW premium as install, this has happened to me when i was in a hurry.


          there is no longer a 2d editor, you download Draftsight now for that, must be from an older install of SW.


          SolidWorks standard always shows up in the license manager because some companies have mixed versions of SW, standard, Pro and Prem that way everyone gets the lowest version to do work but may not be able to use the others because they only bought 2 seats of prem and have 20 seats of standard. so the standalone wouldn't say standard because of the serial number, it dictates the version.


          I would uninstall or modify the install to see if you got it correct.



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          here is the link to see they are the same: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/education-software-mcad.htm