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Question asked by Gerald Davis on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by Matt O'Neill

I vote to have a new thread category under Simulation for Costing.  So far the only discussions of the costing tool that I've found are under sheet metal.  The Costing tool does more than just sheet metal.


I like finding Costing under Simulation on the menu bar in SolidWorks; I'd like the same here on the forum. 


It is charming to apply a suite of tools to evaluate the merits of a design.  FOS, venting, and cost are all part of my daily grist.  If we can tune the Costing tool to work as well as Stress and Loading do, that would take some stress and load off, too.


What can one discuss about the Costing Tool?

  • Ethics of sharing Costing Templates
  • Best practices for Costing Template design and naming
  • How to update prices?
  • Setup - where "Per-order" vs. "Per-part" settings are located.  What is a reasonable value to use for setup?
  • Standard cutting speeds and feeds: mill, drill, laser, waterjet, plasma, bandsaw
  • Reasonable rates for labor hour and machine hour: cut, bend, libary, custom
  • Workflows for quick cost check vs. "formal" cost estimate with all of the goodies
  • Understanding what the Cost Speedometer is really good at