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Toolbox "Configuration Name"... how is it generated?

Question asked by Chris Streeter on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Robert Bartz

Wanted to get information as to how the "configuration name" (column 6, in the image below) is assigned when a component is configured through the use of Toolbox.


Toolbox - Post Question - 01.jpg


It seems to be automatically generated. (I'm assuming it is done with some programming in the software, but that's a guess.)


The component is (a copied file) from the ISO Toolbox Standards group;


ISO > Bolts and Screws > Hexagon Socket Head Screws > Hex Socket Head ISO 4762


I've opened the actual part file and tried to "dissect" it, but due to my lack of SW experience I could possibly be overlooking something.

I'm not an admin either, so it may be some function I'd have to get "permission" to perform.


I was hoping to find out how it's possible to get the "auto" configuration name to be assigned an alternate text string.