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Cannot Snap to Imported Geometry

Question asked by David Suelflow on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2012 by Kevin De Smet

Is there some limitation in our ability to snap to imported geometry?  I have a part in an assembly that consists of only imported curves (lines) from an AutoCAD drawing (File>Open>dwg).  It is a series of sections that run along the body I want to create.  I have another part that I want to create the geometry in (in context to AutoCAD one) but for some reason, while sketching, it won’t apply automatic relations to the vertices of the imported lines of the first part.  In this case I am connecting the sections with a spline.  So instead of going pick, pick, pick on each of the vertices, I have to create a spline with the correct number of control points and then manually attach each one.  If that was not annoying enough, it gets better.  The only way I can select a vertex of the imported lines is if the selection filter is turned on to points only but when it is on I cannot select the points on the spline. So this is my workflow:  Start a 3DSketch, create a spline with the correct number of control points.  Move/rotate spline to get it close to the shape I need so it doesn’t go crazy when I add relations.  Turn on selection filter, pick point on imported line, turn off selection filter, control select point on spline, add coincident relation.  So instead of one click per point it becomes a 5 step process (and a PITA).  Does this happen to anyone else?  My VAR says that they have another customer that has the same problem and they are looking into it for both of us but no results yet.


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