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    Reference Geometry

    It Design

      When solidework start and choose reference geomerty plane opation solidwork

      Unexpectedly Hange then close force fully close.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello, and welcome to the forum.  What version of SW are you using?  There was a problem with that in SW2010, but I haven't heard anything about it on later versions.  Do a search here for "plane crash" and a number of discussions will show up.  If you don't find the answer to your problem from those posts I would recommend getting in touch with your VAR.  They should be able to help.

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            John Burrill

            Welcome to the forums.  First, what do you want us to call you?  I don't like the idea of calling another human being 'It'.  You should go into your profile and put in your name.


            When Solidworks starts and you create a plane using the plane tool on the Reference Geometry toolbar, Solidworks unexpectedly hangs and then crashes-do I understand your issue correctly?

            I remember the problem Glenn was talking about with 2010 Service Pack 0.  If that's the version you have, then you should either download 2010 service pack 5.1 (assuming you're on subscription) or go back to 2009 SP5.1.   The initial release of 2010 was pretty buggy.

            Otherwise, give us some information about your computer such as:

            Solidworks version, service pack, Operating system, 32/64bit, computer CPU, RAM and graphics card.

            Also, tell us if you had any problems installing the software.