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    Opinions needed - PDM

    Lenny Koniewicz

      What does your co. use for PDM of your CAD data on a worldwide application?


      I'm looking for some ideas as the need grows for our CAD to be more regulated and structured from country to country. Internal mgnt as well as vendor/partner mngt.


      I'm a little familiar with Autodesk Vault and Pro-E Windchill, but not so much with what SW's offers.  I'm looking gather some opinions from those who have hands-on experience with the PDM benefits SW's offers.  Thanks in advance!!!

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          Tom Cote

          It's a difficult choice and it must be made VERY carefully as once you go down a path it is difficult and costly to change.  Make sure to do your due dilligence, asking lots of questions like what file types, what languages, connection speeds, etc...  (there are actually too many to mention here).


          EPDM does work very well as a worldwide application for CAD data management.  The largest install I have managed has been an 8 site company, 7 spread across the US & one office in India and it performed well.


          Hope this help.