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BOM's have blown up

Question asked by Mike Lydon on Aug 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Mike Lydon

Yestergay was not a good day for me. I should have taken it as an omen when I spilled coffee all over the desk and some got into the keyboard. I have been working on exploded view drawings of a series of our tilting grading buckets. The assemblies consist of a couple of weldments and some individual parts. I really only want the replaceable parts to show on the BOM. Everything was working fine until yesterday, when things just turned to s#*@t. The bubble numbers do not match the BOM. The BOM is locked, in that I cannot move items up or down within the. I understand that items may not be rearranged outside of individual weldments or sub assemblies, But all items are locked. I just get the red circle/slash whenever i try to move an item in theBOM.Thatisthe leastoftheproblems. Asyoucansee,thespacebaronmykeyboard  juststoppedworking.Theballoonumbersdon'tmatchthe item numbersinallcases.Iwilltrytoattachapicoftheproblem.Ifthisisn'tresolved,thismaybeitforme,here.Ihavetriedtouploadthefiles(40MB)tomyVAR,buthavebeenunsuccessfulsofar.Don'tknowiftheproblemiswithourintrnetprovider,ortheftpsiteinstructions.Checkitems1,4,and2.Don'tmindthelackofneatnessinthebubbleplacement.BOMproblem.png