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Read/Write Custom Properties Without Opening Files

Question asked by Sally Hoo on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Brandon Bibelhauser

Hi All,


I'm trying to export and then re-import SW custom properties through an MS Excel interface without having to actually open the SW files.  In case anyone's wondering, the reason why I need it to be through Excel is because I need to cross-reference against another spreadsheet in order to figure out which custom property value I want to be re-imported.  I already have some VBA code written that will allow me to do the export/re-import, but it requires me to actually open the SW files in order to do so.  Since I have thousands of files to go through, some of them rather large, I'm looking for a way to avoid this step.


I've already googled the subject and all arrows are pointing to the DSOfile.dll, which supposedly will allow me to make the changes I want without actually opening any files.  I got to the point where I installed the dll and added it to the references in VBA.  However, I don't know what the VBA syntax is to actually read/write to the custom properties.  For example, if I had the SW file open, my VBA code would just look like: CP value = Model.GetCustomInfoValue("", PropertyName).  Does anyone know what the "equivalent" code would be using the DSO library?