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How to mark weldment bodies to not be cut through on a breakout-section views

Question asked by Jason Lackey on Aug 8, 2012

I would like to create breakout views to show components that are inserted into other components in a weldment part model, however, unlike in an asssembly drawing, that gives you the option of selecting the components you don't want included in the cuts, this is not the same case in a weldment.  It either gives you a distance to cut, or, ot gives you the following:


8-8-2012 9-50-35 AM.png


However, when I try and select an "entity", it doesnt seem to help.  Also, when it says entity, I was assuming that it was referring to one of the bodies within the weldment, but it only allows me to select edges it appears.  Usually, in an asseembly drawing, I can turn on hidden lines and select the parts I want to be left out of the cut, but it appears the same principals may not apply?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jason Lackey

7-23-2012 11-12-29 AM.png


P.S. I am doing these break outs on ISO views, so the conventional method of just setting the depth to cut down to overlayed part does not apply as the cutting of the view drastically changes in an iso view.