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detail drawings for UT wedges

Question asked by Ramon Villagomez on Aug 8, 2012

We have a series of parts(wedges) that have specific compound angled cuts that need drawings to be generatoed. We have already the smart model in solidworks, only input the angles and radius on the equations and the model should be generated.

This project requires 6 drawings per part.


1. show start stock. (rectangular block with or without a rounded face)
2. show how to machine first compound agle. (part shown in a vice with before and after isometric)
3. Show how to machine second compound angle. (part shown in a vice with before and after isometric)

4. show how to cut a face and finish cuts.
5. a drawing to shows how to cut a face plate for the part.
6. an assembly that show how part and face plate go together.



We have 19 to 20 individual parts, every part requires all 6 drawings.


This work has to be done in Solidworks, you will be provided a sample part and a list of parts with corresponding angles and radius.


Pelase reply if you are interested in working in this short term project, and are ready to start ASAP.


any inquiries email to




Ramon Villagomez

Project Manager

IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc.

6766 Culebra Rd.

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