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Task Pane issues

Question asked by Mark Bradford on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Mark Bradford

Hello All,


I have 2 questions with reguards to the task pane.


1.  When using the insert component function into an assembly, and the parts have mate referances, they snap together perfectly.  Is there something I need to do when I drag 2 parts in from the task pane to be function in the same manor?


2.  Is there a way when dragging a file from the task pane, to automatically have that part save into the current working directory of the assembly?  For example ... My assembly is 1234.sldasm, and it is located in a folder called 1234.  When I drag a part from the task pane, can it automatically save into the 1234 folder?


Thanks for any assistance.