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    Design Table issue with Supressed states of parts

    Kevin Hogan

      I am setting up assembly design tables for one of our products that has multiple configuration (over 200 per size)


      The problem I am having is when I enter new config's thru the design table, and then after loading them into my assembly, when i reenter the design table; all resolved part states in the multiple config's revert to suppressed on their own, with the exception of the config that is loaded in Solidworks. I then have to manually reset all of the configs to their appropriate part resolved/suppressed states.


      This keeps happening every time I add new config's to the assembly, and is getting really tedious redoing the same work over and over.


      I am using Solidworks 2012 SP 4

      Windows 7 32 bit

      and Excel 2007


      Thanks for any help in Advance



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          Jeremy Feist

          I'm not sure I completely follow what is happening, but it kind of sounds like it has to do with these settings.


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              Kevin Hogan

              Say i have a config with 2 parts. when i add a new config that adds a new part, i add the state to the design table.

              from there i have the option to suppress or resolve those parts


              so say config 1 is set up like this:


              R     R     S


              and the second config is set up like this:


              R     S     R


              for some reason, after loading that second config into the table and then reenter the design table, the two configs will look like this:


              config1: S     S     S


              config2: R     S     R


              now imagine that happening with over 200 configs with about 8 part states per config.


              hopefully this makes sense



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              Craig Hardman

              I couldn't replicate the problem but have run into it before.
              Does it change all of the other configures?
              Does it set all of the parts to supressed?


              Could you explain the steps a bit more in detail? (Hoping to replicate....)

              Step1:     You have config A with part1 and part2. NO part3.
              Step2:     Config 1 looks like : R  R.
              Step3:     You then add config 2. (Using the GUI or you add it manually to table? If you use the GUI, does it ask you to add it to the table in step 6?)
              Step4:     You then add part 3 to the file.
              Step5:     Config 2 looks like: R  S  R.
              Step6:     You open the design table and it looks like:
                                  Config1: S  S  S
                                  Config2: R  S  R
              Do I have that right?


              I would cosider looking at the parent/child references. If you suppress a parent feature it will supress all it's childs as well. (Unlikely, but hey...)


              The next step if would be to check the "Warn when updating design table" box and start taking note what causes it to update.
              Is it adding the part itself? Or is it supressing it? etc.
              Just add the part. check the design table. Suppres it. Check the table, etc.
              Going through that will be tedious, but less so then going through your whole design table.