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EPDM Search Result Anomalies

Question asked by Aaron Kleyla on Aug 8, 2012
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Above is an image of a search performed in PDM 2012 SP4.  All variables are blank expect for our US Family field.  The results from this search are returned files, pdfs in this case, that do not have the selected value assigned to them.  As you can see from the data card in the lower 3rd of the image, it shows the proper family being applied.  If I look at the file in the windows explorer folder structure, the proper family is applied as well.  So it would seem that, for what ever reason, the search returned a select few files it should not have.


The two values in this case are below;

     CG1 - Round Body Cylinder - CG1                            (This value returned a few files with the value below applied) 

     MGP/MGJ - Compact Guide Cylinder - MGP/MGJ     (This is the true value on the files)


These files are in our Approval process, have only this revision, and have had the same value applied since being introduced into the system.


Here is my question...  Any ideas?



Aaron K