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Files and folders remain after moving or deleting (Windows 7)

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by Jeff Sweeney

Using EPDM 2008 with Windows 7


When moving a file from one directory to another directory within EPDM 2008, the file still showing that it is residing in the original directory when you view that directory in the 'Folders' list.  Why?  How can this be fixed?




We go to EDPM and find directory where our file resides.  Next we press the 'Folders' tab to open the folders view next to EPDM.  Next we move the files from original directory to new directory.  If you then go the the 'Folders' view and browse to the original directory you will see the file still residing in it.  The file does not do anything, you can not open it.  When doing a search, this file only shows in the directory that it was moved to and not still remaining in the original.


This also happens when deleting a file or a folder.  These still show in the 'Folders' view.


This does not happen with Windows XP using EPDM 2008.  Only happens with Windows 7 and EPDM 2008.


Any suggestons?


Note:  our work around is to disregard what we see in the 'Folders' view and only look in the actual EPDM view.


Thnaks, Tim...