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Documentation for API object model?

Question asked by Tom Cipollone on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by Tom Cipollone

Hi to the Solidworks community.


I am pretty new to Solidworks but am learning fast. I have an interesting application that would be perfect for the Solidworks API (VBA) and for nearly two days I have been struggling with finding a good explanation of the API Object Model. The documentation at the Solidworks site is what I would call "terse" and not for beginners. The documentation that I have found, on other sites, is "for pay", which I usually don't have a problem with but I am short on cash these days and I just don't know if what I would be paying for would be worth it.I have nothing against people making money but it does seem that "training" is being used too much as a "revenue generator".


I can't help thinking that there is some good written documentation out there, other than expensive video's or 10-page power point presentations.


Thank You