Aaron Forbes

Multiple Sheetmetal base features (some which may be hidden) Err

Discussion created by Aaron Forbes on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Blake Brancheau

I notice this problem yesterday when my design table listed "flat-pattern 1", "flat-pattern 2", "flat-pattern 3", ..., "flat-pattern 8". I only have one base sheet metal feature and 1 flat pattern. I searched previous thread and haven't seen any answers I like. Basically  they're unanswered or told to start over. Many of solidworks problems can be solved by starting over, but I'm pretty persistant to know every work around.


So I don't like the idea that I have multiple base features that are hidden. What gives?


Today I tried making a mirrored configuration of this part and an error dialog states "This function has not been implemented for models with multiple sheetmetal base features (some which may be hidden)" Which I knew exactly what the problem was, but not how it came about.


Is there a way to fix this without starting over?