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    Upgrade to 2012 from 2011?

    Greg Rupp

      I know there have been major issues with the Toolbox and E-drawings (these concern me the most) but I'm wondering if there are any other known issues to be aware of??


      I'm sure there are plenty of benifits of upgrading... but I'm most concerned in the stability (or regression) of the product. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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          Corey Hinman

          No major issues in going from 2011  sp5 to 2012 sp3.


          Edrawings - just uninstall all previous versions and reinstall 2012.

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              Tom Cote

              I have upgraded 3 different companies from either 2010 or 2011 to 2012 and so far the only issues that I have encountered were tied to ToolBox.


              I have the habbit of completely having ALL the users checkin thier files, unistalling the EPDM application, defragging the HD, cleaning the registry files, defragging the HD a second time, install the new EPDM client and then "Get Latest" on the library & templates/formats folders.


              Although this adds a little extra work for me I have NEVER had issues and the users are really happy with the better performance due to a cleaned up system.