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Installation and Management of SNL

Question asked by Dwayne Quatier on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by Thomas S.

We have decided to network our SolidWorks licenses rather than have them node locked to individual computers so as to be able to fully leverage their usage. We have already purchased the SNL license and have the new codes to switch the licenses over to SNL. What is holding me up on installation is how to be able to administer the license server which will be installed on one of our corporate servers. All of our CAD workstations are notebooks which is why we were told to install on a server which would always be available to manage the licenses. When I asked about managing the SNL I was told that that was only available at the physical server and logged in as an administrator. I'm sure we are no different than many other companies where corporate servers are administered by IT and the servers are secured in a server room. Is there a way to load the SNL onto a server and also be able to access the SNL in order to be able to release a license, check license status, and be able to adjust the options file for license preferences?


Thanks, Dwayne