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    Showing only SOME Sketches in an assembly?

    Anthony Bear

      Is there a way to show only SOME of the sketches (or only one) from a part in an assembly?  I have a Part (a Label) which has Lettering on it which is made in the Sketch tab of the Part Template....   I want the Lettering to show up in my assembly, but there are some other parts which I don't want their sketches showing up.  I am not sure WHY those other Parts have their sketches showing up, since it isn't ALL the sketches showing up.
      Basically, I want the Lettering Sketch to be shown but no others.
      Any input toward the resolution of my conundrum will be greatly appreciated!

      Don't want....JPGWant this one.JPG

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          Richard Wehmeyer

          There are two levels of view for a sketch.  The first level is individual sketch viewing which is at the sketch/feature level.  Sketches are by default shown this way.  When you use that sketch in a feature it defaults to hidden.  This view is the same no matter which document you have that part/assy in.  You turn the visibility off, it stopps showing up in every other document.  Notice that visible sketches are blue in feature tree, it will turn black when hidden.  It looks like you are using some of the sketches for mating. Once you have your mates complete, hide those sketches.



          The higher level is "View Sketches" which hides all visible sketches in all for only the document you are working with. Untitled.png

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            Glenn Schroeder



            Richard gave you good information, but I just want to add that you can RMB on any visible sketch, either in the tree or the graphics area, and choose Hide.