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Where-used Replace?

Question asked by Jacob Kralovic on Aug 3, 2012

Hey everyone,


This one has been bugging me since we started our PDM project.


In our old system, we placed the revision in the filenames of the drawings and their models, e.g. 12345A.sldprt, or 12345B.slddrw. Only current revision drawings were kept, but all the revisions of parts/assemblies were retained.


Now that the files are in PDM, we're putting the revision in the datacard instead. This means that we can get rid of non current-rev models.


The only problem is, even if 12345A.sldprt is not current, it still may be used on 30+ assemblies. We had a bad habit in the old system of not updating upper level assemblies with new revision references (since the filename changed each rev)


So now I find myself going through 30+ assemblies, and pointing them all to the correct version, using the "Update References" tool in PDM. This method is painfully slow, because I have to do it one at a time.


What I would like to find is a "Where Used Replace."


Something that will point all the files in the Where Used tab of an old rev part to the current rev.


I was told by my VAR that he recalls seeing a custom api that did something like this on these forums, but I've searched high and low for it. I can't find it.


Thanks for any help you can provide,


- Jacob