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Saving and using sketch blocks?

Question asked by Amber Brooks on Aug 3, 2012

I created a sketch block of a set of cuts I want to use often.


When I create the sketch block from a current sketch it deletes the dims from the current sketch so it is undefined. Then I get out of the sketch and save the sketch block as a file in My Documents so I can use it later. Then I hit the undo butto to restore the dims to the sketch I copied from. This seems like a very crazy way to create a sketch block. The help files and other posts I've found so far do not refer to any of this.


How do I create a sketch block the easy way where I dont have to go through all the hoops listed above?


Can I reate a sketch block with the dims saved from the copied sketch?


Also, when I explode the sketch so I can move some of the cuts it blows up and goes all over the part. Any ideas what this happens?



I'm using solidworks 2011.