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    SolidWorks "Myths" (Best Practices)

    Nate Andrews

      Hello Everybody,


      I am an AE from a VAR and am looking for some ideas on common SolidWorks misconceptions that I can create a presentation for. I am planning to present at a couple of SolidWorks User Groups, and possibly at SWW. Some of the basic ideas that I have are as follows:


      1. I have heard many users wanting to add a 3rd mate to every piece of hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc...) in their assemblies just to make sure the hardware doesn't rotate in a hole. The "myth" comes when a user states that it doesn't affect performance to add this third mate.


      2. Another idea is to find out what is a better modeling technique. Very early in the Essentials class different modeling approaches are discussed, including the Layer Cake approach (using simple geometry in sketches to build a part as a layer cake, feature upon feature with many sketches/features) and the Potter's Wheel approach (a more complex sketch with a single revolve). I have been asked countless times "Which way is the right way?" I plan to figure that out, based on file size and performance (rebuild time).


      3. The misconception that there is an autosave function.


      I have quite a bit more, but I am open to tackling anything that sounds interesting. Thanks in advance and I look forward to having a great discussion!