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Pack and Go including unnecessary files

Question asked by Jeff Shepard on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Erik Bilello

I was going to use the Pack and Go feature to only migrate only our current version files into our ePDM vault, so I opened a reasonably small assembly and did a Pack and Go with drawings to a temporary directory.  When I viewed what was in the temporary directory I was surprised to find many files that shouldnt be there.  The top level assembly I used is named along the lines of 22222-H-Assembly.  Pack and Go included every previous revision as well, 22222-A-Assembly through 22222-G-Assembly, including every single part included in any of those assemblies, many of which are no longer in the current assembly.


Why is Pack and Go including previous revisions of the assembly?  This makes it almost useless.  Why would anyone want that?  Does anyone know of a setting that changes this behavoir?