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    Good example of using Ecuations.

    Pedro Benlloch

      Hello !!!


      Do you have a good 3D model example of using ecuations???  


      I need to teach it, but I don't find a good example, appart from doing myself some easy models.  I would like a REAL case, a REAL 3D model using ecuations !!!!!


      Thank you very much in advance !

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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't use equations, but I can think of a couple of good example and a bad example. For the bad example, I have seen people use equations to center a feature in another feature. To me, this is done much more easily with sketch relations like midpoint and concentric. A good example would be to define the base thickness of a rib as 2/3 of the wall thickness on a plastic part. Another good example would be to calculate the pitch for a series of mounting holes, based on the length of the part, the maximum allowable pitch and the minimum hole to edge distance. (There are several threads involving that one, as I recall. Try searching for them. I don't remember the solution, but suspect that it uses the iif function.)


          Jerry Steiger