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Tube Routing Question

Question asked by Tony Vitale on Aug 2, 2012

Hi all,


I am doing some swagelok routing with bent tubes and was wondering about an option in the route properties. When i start the route there is an option for save tubes as a multi body part. as opposed to separate files for tubes. What purpose can this serve?? i always keep this unchecked but this time said, what the hell...why not. Now the spool functionality is not available when using this option and in the BOM the tube has not description or part number. also i ge the dreaded * in the ballons....


Now i CAN go back in the route and for every route segment right click and uncheck the box, and it reverts back to the part per tube. Is there no way to globally do this?? clicking every segment is going to be quite and undertaking.... thoughts. thanks in advance!